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08.02.20 workshop_ FLOAT; MARGIN: UNDEFINED

float;  margin: undefined Free workshop-intervention at Tanztangente Festival all generations This event is about exploring and questioning public space regarding acceptance and obedience. Public space in a fluent process: relations between bodies, architecture, history and social norms are constantly re-defined. Many possible relations pass by […]


DIE KOMPANIE held a two-hour workshop at 7. HofFestSpiele – Community Art Festival by Theater Expedition Metropolis. The participants were invited to question subjective definitions of routine, ritual and obsession and to abandon apparently objective ones. Movement sequences and objects of everyday life were re-defined, […]


Since April 2019 we worked in the residency studio of the HIER&JETZT:CONNECTION project. We invite you to our OPEN STUDIO and PERFORMANCE EVENING. Thursday, June 6th from 6:30 pm to 10 pm Performances starting at 7:30 pm: DIFFUSE LINES_a tightrope walk between routine, ritual and […]

project diffuse lines_ CONNECTIONS

We go on working with objects and connections. We are connecting with “our” objects, – things we pack, unpack, arrange, use, keep hold on. But also inbetween us people strings and ties are tautened, which on one hand connect us, on the other hand limit […]

project diffuse lines_ DEFINING SPACES

Our bags and backpacks contain many objects. Some items are important to us, but a lot of them we simply forgot to take out or always have them “just in case…”. This rehearsal was about defining rooms with these objects using rope, our bodies or […]

workshop_ OUR WORK

Since January 2018 we are part of Hier&Jetzt:Connections, an exchange and residency project for artists in exile. One aspect of the project is organizing workshops, artists talks, film screenings, open studios and exhibitions. On July 8th 2018, we held a performance workshop in this context […]

project_ PAINTING

painting describes both an act and it’s product. Action, object and reflection are correlated. Images emerge from movement, become sculptures, dissolve, are re-shaped. Society as a perpetuum mobile of interactions: acting and reacting in the interstices of transformed realities. PAINTING – B.L.O. Ateliers, Berlin, open […]