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in·ter performance short film, 25′ English, 2020 SYNOPSIS in·ter emerges out of the cooperation between DIE KOMPANIE and performers from Berlin, Antananarivo, Novosibirsk and several other cities worldwide during the time of the Corona pandemic. The performers engage with this time as an in-between space: […]


With the project float;margin:undefined DIE KOMPANIE explored public space in its function as a transit space, as a liminal space between here and there, known and unknown. In a six-month research, DIE KOMPANIE tried to reimagine the public choreographies of various public transit spaces in […]

21.03.20_OPEN CALL for an intervention in public space

We are looking for performers and performances for an intervention in public space (U-Stadtmitte). What is it about?  The Mäusetunnel is a 160m pedestrian tunnel linking the U6- and U2-platform at the underground station Stadtmitte. A functional in-between space: bodies float through in one or […]

15.12.19 workshop_ FLOAT; MARGIN: UNDEFINED

float;  margin: undefined lecture-workshop-intervention in the frame of the exhibition Unter Palmen ein U-Boot. This event is about exploring and questioning public space regarding acceptance and obedience. Public space in a fluent process: relations between bodies, architecture, history and social norms are constantly re-defined. Many […]