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With the project float;margin:undefined DIE KOMPANIE explored public space in its function as a transit space, as a liminal space between here and there, known and unknown. In a six-month research, DIE KOMPANIE tried to reimagine the public choreographies of various public transit spaces in […]

21.03.20_OPEN CALL for an intervention in public space

We are looking for performers and performances for an intervention in public space (U-Stadtmitte). What is it about?¬† The M√§usetunnel is a 160m pedestrian tunnel linking the U6- and U2-platform at the underground station Stadtmitte. A functional in-between space: bodies float through in one or […]


Since April 2019 we worked in the residency studio of the HIER&JETZT:CONNECTION project. We invite you to our OPEN STUDIO and PERFORMANCE EVENING. Thursday, June 6th from 6:30 pm to 10 pm Performances starting at 7:30 pm: DIFFUSE LINES_a tightrope walk between routine, ritual and […]

project_ PAINTING

painting describes both an act and it’s product. Action, object and reflection are correlated. Images emerge from movement, become sculptures, dissolve, are re-shaped. Society as a perpetuum mobile of interactions: acting and reacting in the interstices of transformed realities. PAINTING – B.L.O. Ateliers, Berlin, open […]