21.03.20_OPEN CALL for an intervention in public space


We are looking for performers and performances for an intervention in public space (U-Stadtmitte).

What is it about? 

The Mäusetunnel is a 160m pedestrian tunnel linking the U6- and U2-platform at the underground station Stadtmitte. A functional in-between space: bodies float through in one or the other direction. We want to challenge the dominant dimension and rhythm of this space and re-imagine it as diverse non-binary time-spaces where many different things can happen.

What is our idea?

We aim at creating a participatory performative intervention in the Mäusetunnel re-designing one of the walls of the tunnel as a series of performative micro-spaces. We will work with two themes: transition time and time-out. Transition time as a liminal time-space, as a nebulous boundary between fluid identities and states.Time-out as a cocoon of anti-activity, of resting, of daydreaming, that resists the imperatives of productivity and entertainment.

How can you participate?

Design a performative action that you relate to one of the themes –transition or time-out – and that you can perform during 2 hours in a space of max. 5m width very close to the wall. You can participate individually or as a group. You can perform with your body and/or objects.

The intervention takes place on March 21st 2020 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Availability during that time is required. Send your proposal (as a description, sketch or video) until March 12th 2020 to kompanie@kunstasyl.net.

Be specific: What is the action? How many performers are involved? What objects do you plan to involve? How much space do you need? (Only width is variable, the action needs to be performed as close to the wall as possible)

On March 15th 2020 7:00 – 9:30 p.m. there will be an optional open rehearsal. You will be invited after sending your proposal.