Allgemein, UPCOMING


performance short film, 25′
English, 2020

in·ter emerges out of the cooperation between DIE KOMPANIE and performers from Berlin, Antananarivo, Novosibirsk and several other cities worldwide during the time of the Corona pandemic. The performers engage with this time as an in-between space: between time out and transition time, between isolation and virtual proximity, between anxiety and pause. Spatial separation of the performers is suspended by digital interaction of images and experiences, connections are drawn anew.

“My performance is about two states during rest, because the body is weak at rest and is facing different states of mind. So, I tried to personify the feeling of peace and insecurity at the same time.” [Nazaria Tooj, Antananarivo]


performance short film, 12′
German/Arabic with English Subtitles, 2020

“I think that is also connected with the question of time. Time a week ago was a luxury, having time for the things you want to do was a luxury. Now I have time for the things I don’t have time for.” [Marwa Almokbel, Berlin]

The prefix /ré/ expresses in formations with verbs that something is reversed, returned to the initial state, or caused anew. This video collage does none of those. It connects intention with memory, interior with public space, moving bodies with transitory light.

SCREENING DATE: Friday 22 + Saturday 23 May 2020 – 48 hours available on Vimeo HIER&JETZT: Connection