DIE KOMPANIE is a participatory performance project founded in 2017. DIE KOMPANIE defines itself as a social and artistic living body. We promote individual emancipation through art and intervention in society. We believe in the possibility of participation and artistic expression of every human being. Our work is experimental and interdisciplinary. DIE KOMPANIE intervenes in public space questioning the borders between art and everyday life, public and private, individual and collective.

is to open up a space, in which different individuals can work and create together without the need of a predefined artistic direction. A space, in which individual impulses and reflections of all participants are equally important and valued. A space, in which proposed ideas are experimented with, criticized, transformed, rejected and integrated. We understand knowledge as something co-created and shared, experience as exchanged. Our priority is to enable learning, creation and discussion to happen on an equal level. Everything is research, everything is potentially new, to be discovered. We enter our work as a open, living body: Every action or opinion can question and redefine the path.

is inherently co-created. It requires time and a high level of attention and commitment. For us, it is important not to unnecessarily accelerate the process to be able to quickly ‘present something to the outside’. Art is not only an aesthetic product – it is an attitude through which every aspect of live can be considered. We start from the differences in experience and skills in order to create collective moments that embrace the plurality of our bodies, voices and selves. We perceive individuality as a strength – as in our opinion – it often gets lost in words such as ‘collective’. We work participatory in the actual sense of the word: movement, images and contents are developed through active participation of all involved individuals. Interactions with space and public are central to our intervention: Performance is an invitation to conversation, not a monologue.