With the project float;margin:undefined DIE KOMPANIE explored public space in its function as a transit space, as a liminal space between here and there, known and unknown. In a six-month research, DIE KOMPANIE tried to reimagine the public choreographies of various public transit spaces in Berlin through inserting alternative performative spaces in them.
These performative spaces dealt with the questions: In an accelerated world in which public urban space is increasingly becoming a network of transit spaces, what is the potential of being in transit, of being in-between two places, and how can it be experienced through performative interventions? If contact with the “stranger”, “other” is just a moment of passing by, how can these ephemeral moments embody meaningful encounters? Within this process several interventions and workshops have been created. The project was abruptly interrupted by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic, however, put the world in a never-seen liminal space, a collective state of suspension. We immediately took this up. This is how the ideas for our short films /ré/ and in·ter emerged.